Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

hail wind damage

Storms can be everywhere and can develop anytime. And when it’s there, it can hit your home real good. When faced with a hail damage roof, keep calm because Century Exteriors, one of the finest storm damage contractors in the country is just a quick phone call away. Century Exteriors Inc. is all you need to get your property back in good or even better shape in no time. Just give us a quick call and you can consider your problem solved right there and then through our storm damage repair and restoration services. 

With over two decades of unmatched experience, Century Exteriors Inc. has handled thousands of different types and sizes of storm damage repair and restoration projects from minor roof leak repairs to overall roof / siding replacement. Be it a commercial or residential property, we have all the means and resources needed to get the job done swiftly and effectively – from state of the art equipment to top of the line construction products.

Taking care of your insurance problems

When it comes to dealing with our clients’ insurance companies, we see to it that our customers get the most out of their coverage. We have the most skilled inspectors who have years of experience in conducting extensive inspections and filing damage reports. We will present to you and discuss with you all the details of the report to make sure that everything will best serve your interest. Just give us a heads up on your appointment with your insurance agent and we will be more than glad to be there and assist you throughout the entire process.

Give us a call and we’ll help you make your insurance claim straight away.

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