Mold Remediation and Restoration

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But just because it is a fact that mold is everywhere and that it has been here with us for millions of years, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do about it especially when it has an annoying presence in our homes and our workplaces. Mold is present and can grow anywhere especially when there is moisture. At homes or in buildings, mold can be seen around water sources or where there are leaks. But getting rid of excess and displaced water in your property is not enough to solve your mold issues. Our mold remediation restoration solution is the best answer to your problem.


Mold might look harmless to your naked eye but it’s far from the truth. In fact, mold can damage affected areas or materials in your property thereby potentially jeopardizing the structure’s strength and integrity. Besides, molds can produce a very unpleasant smell and sight. And you wouldn’t want your guests to notice that. More importantly, molds have been known to cause serious human health issues particularly respiratory related problems. It can also cause skin allergies and eye problems.


Getting Rid of Molds

Getting rid of molds is not that easy especially if you have extensive infestation throughout your property. Molds may come in different colors and they can be seriously toxic and handling the task on your own without enough knowledge as well as tools and equipment can be very risky.




Mold Remediation Restoration Solutions

Century Exteriors are competent as well as honest professionals. “We speak the truth, work the truth, and nothing but the truth. No business promotion fallacies involved!” We provide mold remediation services and not mold removal simply because of the fact that totally removing these fungi from your property is far from possible. Molds are microscopic in size and they’re just everywhere. Property owners who call for mold removal help are actually facing active mold growth. With all the needed elements particularly high moisture content in the air, molds can grow rapidly beyond their normal levels.


Here at Century Exteriors, we offer mold remediation services where we reduce the amount of mold back to their normal and acceptable levels. Whether you have mold problems inside or outside your property, we can help you get rid of the problem fast and effectively. With almost two decades of servicing tens of thousands of residential and commercial properties we know what to do with your mold problems and how to do it right the first time.


As soon as we receive a call from you, we will send our representative at the soonest time possible and conduct a thorough inspection of your property and acquire a detailed gauge of the problem. This way we can plan all the necessary mold remediation steps more effectively.

Our mold remediation process:

  1. We value our people as much as we value our clients. We proceed with the project provided that our on-site mold remediation professionals are equipped all the necessary safety gears as well as state of the art equipment and tools intended for each step of the process.


  1. After thorough inspection and evaluation of the property and have a full gauge / understanding of your mold problem, our people at GROUND ZERO can plan what to do, where to do start, and how to do it.


  1. First things first. Containment is a critical step before initiating the actual mold remediation procedure. This way, the possibility of mold spores being spread further throughout the property can be avoided. We do the mold containment step with the help of strategic placement of physical barriers and negative air pressure machines. We also make sure that all ventilation and air conditioning sections and appliances are shut off.


  1. We employ only the most advanced air purifying systems in the market today with CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) beyond 350 and HEPA filters. From hand held tools to an extensive system of air purifying equipment, we are ready to use them all simply because we are that serious of getting the job done.


  1. Century Exteriors utilize the application of top of the line treatments formulated against fungi and microbes alike. Depending on the severity of the case and recommendation to the client, heavily infested property materials may be disposed prior to effective mold remediation process.


  1. We use mold detection devices to accurately spot clean all sections and materials of your property from molds. Century Exteriors utilize all types of cleaning tools and equipment necessary from handheld ones to heavier devices just to make sure that everything is cleaned to perfection through our mold remediation restoration service. We use fogging as well as other solutions to effectively deodorize the entire property.


  1. Lastly, we restore all the damaged sections and materials of your property and we can even make them look even better to your satisfaction.

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